Constantin Caliman

Today in Belgrade/Serbia the important MoU was signed between WFF (World Fudokan Federation), WUKF (World Union Karate Do Federation), SKDUN (Shotokan Karate Do United Nation) and ISF (International Sport School Federation).

,,A historical moment in the karate path and a beginning of new era!

Karate meaning education and together we will spread the values of karate do in all schools around the world, the discipline and respect to the young generation.”

says Mr. Laurent Petrynka the ISF President!

The first important event it will be in 23-30 October 2024 in Bahrain at the U18 Gymnasiade and we will aspect a large number of the participants from all around the world.

The MoU was signed by Sensei Ilija Jorga from WFF, Sensei Aurel Patru from SKDUN, Sensei Roberto Perri from WUKF and Mr. Laurent Petrynka from ISF.


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