Amicale karate

𝗦𝗲𝗻𝘀𝗲𝗶 Aljoša Lipavc Dan: 6º Dan – Shotokan Expert Manager – Coach (state license 2, international license WFF, WBKA, ETKF) Aljoša Lipavc – 5.DAN WFF is the Head Coach and President of the TRADITIONAL KARATE INSTITUTE Race of Slovenia.

President of SLOVENIAN FUDOKAN FEDERATION professional leader and chief instructor.

In 2017 he completed 30 years in the traditional Shotokan – Fudokan karate. In his career he has worked and trained with almost all renowned Slovenian karate masters and numerous masters from around the world (ITKF, WTKF, JKA, JKF, WADO RYU, SKIF, WKSA, FEKDA, WSI, KWF, SCI and WFF). He was General Secretary of the Slovenian Hapkido Federation, an activist of RMA Sytema Slovenia, former member of JKA Slovenia, ITKF Slovenia and WKF Slovenia. He was active in the Slovenian army for many years.

He started his international studying career with Grandmaster Hiroshi Shirai (WSI – World Shotokan Institute today SCI (Shotokan Cultural Institute) and Grandmaster Vladimir Jorga ETKF. Getting to know traditional karate had no boundaries, so he attended numerous seminars with different karate masters from which to draw his knowledge (Watanabe, Ochi, Sawada, Tanaka, Naito, Kawazoe, Abe, Nishimura, Otto, Takahashi, Yahara, Miura, Fugazza, Contarelli, Dimitrijevic, Javoršek….) He was also active with Grandmaster Ninomiya – Enshin karate.

Today he leads Slovenian Fudokan Federation Traditional and Sport. His goals are to preserve the value of karate and to create top professional karatekas. He is an employee of a logistics company and works in Austria, married to Tosja, father of daughter Trina and son Jas. His greatest pride and worth is his family.


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