“The President’s Cup”

International Karate Tournament

Rome 02/03 april 2022

“Palatorrino” Sport Hall – Via Fiume Giallo 47/65

This is an International competition, dedicated to our friend Daniele Lazzarini who died

prematurely, open to all athletes of any organization, Italian and foreign Federations, organized in

collaboration with Libertas and Lazio Regional Committee, in the following age classes and

categories, valid for the “Borsa di studio” * exclusively for FKI affiliated clubs.

Referees: the event wants to be actually a unifying and sheer moment, independent of different

federations, organizations and clubs can register their own referee, provided they are certified,

sending their availability by email. Before the start of competition there will be a briefing for all


Kata Competition

Kata’s choice is according to federation rules which can be consulted on the federal website

www.karateitalia.eu (please note that the same kata may be repeated in different rounds for

athletes up to orange belt). Kata competition will be Interstyle (separate ranking by style only

from Cadets category to Veterans).


The match takes place as per the arbitration regulations available on the federal website www.karateitalia.eu

It should be noted that all Kumite athletes (weight control will take place by sample) those who are found “out of weight” will be excluded from the registered category (they will have the opportunity to compete in the higher / or lower category by paying a penalty with an additional fee of € 25 ).



Individual Kata

Up to 7 years KATA White / yellow, orange / green blue


Kata and Individual Kumite

From 8 to 10 years KATA white / yellow orange / green blue / brown black


All belts


Kata and Individual Kumite

From 11 to 13 years KATA white yellow orange / green to blue / brown to black


Up to blue – brown black


Kata and Individual Kumite (14/15 years)

KATA  Up to blue / brown to black

KUMITE Up to blue / black brown


Kata and Individual Kumite From 16 to 17 years

KATA Up blue / brown to black

KUMITE Up to blue / black brown


Kata and Individual Kumite From 18 to 20 years

 KATA Up to blue / brown to black

KUMITE Up to blue / black brown

SENIORS Kata (16 to 35 years) Kumite (21 to 35)

KATA Up to blue / brown to black

KUMITE Up to blue / black brown

Veterans Kata and Kumite From 36 and over

 KATA Up to blue / brown to black

KUMITE Up to blue / black brown

Disabled Kata All ages All belts

In the classification of athletes, the day / month / year of birth is taken into account.

In both Kata and Kumite, Cadet athletes will also be able to compete in Juniors, while Under 21 athletes will also be able to compete in Seniors.


Male Female Classes

Children B (8 to 10 years) Kg – 35 + 35 Kg -35 +35

Children (11 to 13 years) Kg – 45 +45 Kg -40 +40

Cadets (14 to 15 years) Kg – 60 – 65 + 65 Kg – 55 + 55

Juniors (16 to 17 years Kg – 65 – 75 +75 Kg -55 – 60 + 60

Under 21 (18 to 20 years) Kg – 65 -70 – 80 + 80 Kg – 60 – 65 + 65

Seniors (21 to 35) Kg – 65 -70 – 80 + 80 Kg – 60 – 65 + 65

Veterans (36 and over) OPEN OPEN

The event takes place with the arbitration regulations in force, which can be viewed on the website www.karateitalia.eu and, for what is not contemplated, federal rules and regulations are in force.

All athletes must be equipped with their own regulatory protections (red / blue) (remember that all kumite athletes must wear a vest). The organization declines all responsibility for any accident that may occur to people or things before, during and after the event. All participating athletes must be in compliance with the medical certificates of fitness provided for by the laws in force (by registering for the race, the president of the sports association to which the athletes belongs assumes responsibility for compliance with this requirement, implicitly declaring that the certificates doctors are deposited in their registered office).


They must reach the Federal Secretariat exclusively at fkikarateitalia@gmail.com, on a specific form (attached), by 8.00 pm on March 26, 2022 and must be accompanied by the receipt of payment of the required fees, by the same closing date for registration, under penalty of exclusion from the tender. The registration fee for the individual competition is € 25 per athlete, per specialty.

The shares must be paid by bank transfer to UNI CREDIT BRANCH 30001 in the name of Karate Italia  IBAN IT 05 T 02008 05003 000104702583.

It is specified that registrations will not be accepted for come out of time.

AWARDS: medals will be awarded to the first, second and third in each category and specialty, medal for participation in all categories for children and teenagers.


Saturday 02 April at 2.00 pm, with the categories from cadets to kata veterans.

Sunday 03 at 8.00 the categories from cadets to kumite veterans.

Sunday 03 at 3.00 pm the categories children, teenagers and the disabled (kata and kumite).

To avoid unnecessary waiting for the participants and make the event more enjoyable for everyone, the detailed times of the race will be published on the official FKI website www.karateitalia.eu and / or sent to the companies registered for the event, by 31 March.

* For more details and information to access the scholarship, (reserved for FKI members) consult the federal website www.karateitalia.eu “AZZURRI” REGULATION AND NATIONAL TEAM COMPOSITION ART. 5 Download F.K.I.-REGULATION-AZZURRI

Hoping for your satisfaction, we remain at your complete disposal for any clarification, and on this occasion we send our best regards.


Karate Federation Italy


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