Gabriele Martelli

Would you quit the life of an entrepreneur if you had the chance?

Are you running a business and do you feel more and more unmotivated in doing so with each passing day?

My name is Gabriele Martelli and I am a professional multi-talented athlete and an entrepreneur.

My aim is to help people be charismatic and motivated leaders regardless of the situations around them.

This is what I have done on my own life, and it is also what has led me to achieve myriad titles in different sports:

Candidate for the Guinness Book of World Records as the youngest freediver in the world.

Athlete of the Italian national team and of the prestigious Carabinieri Sports Center where he obtained Italian, European and World titles.

Bronze medal at the K-1 World Championships

Italian champion in Savate (French boxing)

WBU AND WBF international champion in supermedium (professional boxing)

I started as a child and despite the various adversities that life places before each of us, I continued without ever abandoning my goal.

Unfortunately, however, I realize that not all people manage to do it.

We are very often in the corner of the ring with a swollen face and do not have the courage to get up to go and fight.

Because every morning when you wake up you know it’s going to be a new battle!

You get angry with the government, with taxes, with the banks with your employees.

And unfortunately very often, you bring this anger home too.

Maybe with your wife and your children.

Because you know very well too, that it all depends on the way you deal with situations.

A problem basically becomes a problem when YOU decide it is.

But sadly you are often unaware of this.

And even if you are aware, caught in the wheel of everyday life, you still can’t stop.

And this is what you experience every day as an entrepreneur too.

Although you are surrounded by a myriad of people, there are few who can truly understand you.

And above all those that can help you see things as they really are because as long as you see them from behind your eyes, you will always interpret them in the same and identical way.

Basically it’s you and your opponent.

For this reason I have created a free mini course for those who want to have an inexhaustible source of motivation from which to draw even during the most difficult moments.

Click here:

In this mini course, I will explain how:

seeing things for what they are and giving the real importance they deserve to be able to have an inexhaustible source of motivation, the same that helped me become who I am.

no longer be alone during these battles that you experience every day.

Start here:

– Gabriel


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